Dr. med. Monika Jermann


Specialist for Medical Oncology and General Internal Medicine, member of the Swiss Medical Association, FMH 

Work experience

since 2007 Own practice in Zurich
2006-2007 Senior Physician with increased responsibility (m.e.V.) at Triemli Hospital, Zurich (Professor H.-P. Honegger)
2003-2005 Senior Physician in Medical Oncology, Canton Hospital Baselland Bruderholz (Dr L. Jost)
1999-2003 Medical training at the Medical Clinic, University Hospital Zurich (Professor F. Follath) and Medical Oncology and Haematology (Professor Ch. Sauter)
1997-1999 Medical training at the Medical Clinic, Uster Hospital (Dr M. Spiegel)
1996-1997 Medical training in surgery, Neumünster Hospital, Zollikerberg (Professor E. Gemsenjäger)
1996 Medical training in surgery and internal medicine, Canton Hospital Baselland Laufen (Dr M. Kaiser)


2004 Qualified as Specialist in Medical Oncology
2002 Qualified as Specialist in General Internal Medicine
2000 Diploma in Sonography (SGUM)
1995 State Examination and doctorate, University of Basel
1994 Diabetology, Professor W. Berger, University of Basel
1989-1995 Faculty of Medicine, University of Basel


Medical Association of the Canton of Zurich, AGZ
American Society of Clinical Oncology
Swiss Medical Association, FMH