Dr méd. Volker Kirchner


Specialist in Medical Oncology and General Internal Medicine, FMH member

Work experience

Member of the Executive Board at Swiss Medical Network
Chief Operating Officer, Genolier Cancer Center
Program Director / Hematology-Oncology, Medical Affairs, Transfusion Medicine, Genolier.
Medical Commission Secretary, Clinique de Genolier
Regional President of the Medical Society
President elect 2018-2019, Swiss Society of Medical Oncology
Co-President of Swiss Society of Medical Oncology
Member of Swiss Cancer Network
Scientific member of FoROMe
since 1998 Medical Practice, Internal Medicine, Oncology, Hematology, Clinique de Genolier, Switzerland
Supervising physician in charge of hematology-oncology, transfusion medicine, haemovigilance-pharmacovigilance-materiovigilance- Swissmedic, Genolier, Switzerland
Clinical Affiliate, Memorial Sloan Kettering International Oncology Program, NY, USA
Oncology-Hematology, Maunoir, Eaux-Vives, Geneva, Switzerland
Oncology-Hematology, Chantpoulet Medical Group, Eaux-Vives, Geneva, Switzerland
2001-2003 Associate, Oncocare, Sonnenhof AG, Bern: www.oncocare.ch, Chief physician of Laboratoire, Sonnenhof AG, Bern, Switzerland
Supervising physician, haemovigilance programme, Sonnenhof AG, Bern
Supervising physician, hospital hygiene, Sonnenhof AG, Bern
1997-1998 Fellowship, Oncology-Hematology, Department of Medicine, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Center, New York, NY USA
1997 Head of Clinic, Clinique de Medicine 2, Prof. F. Waldvogel, MD, HCUG
1993-1996 Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School, Cell Biology Department and Beth Israel Hospital, Division of Signal Transduction, Boston, MA, USA: Prof. L.C. Cantley, PhD
1992-1993 Fundamental research rotation for 5 months, Foundation for Medical Research, Prof. W. Schelgel, PhD, HCUG
1991-1993 Head of Clinic-Assistant, Clinique de Medicine 2, Prof. F. Waldvogel, HCUG
1990-1991 Physician-Assistant, Hematology, Polyclinic of Medicine, Prof. PA. Miescher, Prof. H.Stalder, HCUG
1989-1990 Physician-Assistant, Oncology, Onco-Hematology Division, Prof. Alberto, HCUG.
1986-1989 Physician-Assistant, Clinique de Medicine 2, Prof. F. Waldvogel, Cantonal University Hospital of Geneva (HCUG), Switzerland
1986 Doctor, vaccination campaign, Médecins sans Frontières


since 2005 Continuing Education Diploma, FMH Oncology
since 2001 Continuing Education Diploma, Internal Medicine FMH
2005 Postgraduate, Pharmaceutical (HEC-Lausanne)
2003 Postgraduate degree in Economics and Health administration. MHEM: Master in Health Economics and Management. IEMS, HEC; Lausanne, Switzerland
2003 Postgraduate Certificate in Palliative Care, (CHUV-Lausanne)
1998 FMH Oncology, mention according to former Swiss FMH title: oncology-hematology
1997 PhD in Medicine, Geneva
1997 FMH, Internal Medicine, Switzerland
1997 Certified member, European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO)
1991 ECFMG certification
1986 University Geneva, University Hospital Geneva-Switzerland
IEMS-HEC University Lausanne (MHEM)
Harvard Boston USA
Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center NY USA


  • CCO GCC (Genolier Cancer Center)
  • Responsible for vigilance (Genolier and Eaux Vives) (hemo-vigilance, matero-vigilance, pharmaco-vigilance, Swissmedic, canton authorities)
  • Secretary of the Medical Commission of Genolier
  • Member of the Advisory Board of Swiss Medical Network (SMN)
  • President-elect 2018-2019, Swiss Society of Medical Oncology
  • Co-President of Swiss Society of Medical Oncology (SSOM)
  • FMH Chamber Delegate
  • Delegate at Swiss Federation of Specialties in Medicine (SFSM)
  • Member of the committee, Past Vice-President, Swiss Cancer Network (SCN)
  • Committee member and treasurer of GHORIV-P (Group of oncologists - radiologists, infectious diseases and pathologists, Vaud region)
  • Committee member of ROV (Waldensian Oncology Network)
  • President, regional group, Nyon-Aubonne-Rolle
  • Member of the central committee of La Côte Foundation for home care and prevention (of key importance in the application phase regarding the reorganization of regional care, following health network 2017 law and 2016 decree)
  • Municipal councilor, Nyon

Originating from Bremen, Dr. Volker Kirchner studied at the Faculty of Medicine in Geneva, working for ten years at Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) as Physician-Assistant in medicine, then in oncology and hematology before becoming Assistant Clinic Head. He then started a few months in Fundamental research in Geneva before flying to Harvard University in Boston, where he continued Fellowship training in research for a further three years.

Dr. Kirchner returned to Geneva as Head of Clinic at HUG for one year before returning to the United States. At the onset of the year 2000, he joined the famous Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), in New York. He stayed there for a 2-year fellowship in onco-hematology. Since that period, he has kept close ties with the center and created synergies between Clinique de Genolier and MSKCC.

Upon his return to Switzerland, Dr. Kirchner worked for several years at Sonnenhof Hospital in the Lindenhof Group in Bern. After successfully obtaining FMH specialty certification, he joined Clinique de Genolier in 1998, where he set up his practice. Over the years, he has taken on multiple functions alongside his medical practice (Supervising Physician in charge of hemovigilance, pharmacovigilance and material vigilance for Swissmedic, (the Swiss authority for the control of therapeutic products) as well as being involved in Nyon regional politics and taking on further university studies to graduate with a postgraduate degree in Economics and Health Administration at the University of Economics (HEC) of Lausanne, followed by various postgraduate certificates and diplomas, more specifically in the fields of pharmaceutical and palliative care.

More recently, he added the position of Program Director of Genolier Cancer Center (GCC) and Executive Member of the Swiss Medical Network to his multiple functions.

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Recertification du Genolier Swiss Oncology Network par le Swiss Cancer Network
Le Genolier Swiss Oncology Network a obtenu sa certification annuelle pour la deuxième année consécutive auprès du Swiss Cancer Network.

La Clinique de Genolier est fière de vous annoncer la nomination du Docteur Aapro au sein du Comité Scientifique de l’ABC4
Les Docteurs Edya Fuhrmann, Claudine Helg, Volker Kirchner et Matti Aapro sont les Oncologues et Hématologues spécialistes qui exercent à la Clinique de Genolier.

Cancer, pas de demi-mesure
Le Dr Volker Kirchner, oncologue réputé de la Clinique de Genolier, met en avant les bénéfices d’une médecine multidisciplinaire pour améliorer le confort et le quotidien des patients.