Frequently Asked Questions

How long does radiation therapy last?

Regarding the actual treatment, irradiations are usually given on a daily basis except for the week-ends. More rarely, the irradiations can be given twice per day for ENT cancers or a lung cancer in particular or once-twice per week (hypofractionated irradiation for certain metastases).  The treatment duration varies significantly from one patient to another depending on general condition, type and stage of tumor, and treatments that are combined with radiotherapy such as surgery and chemotherapy. The duration can be extended from one day in the cases of intra-operative radiotherapy up to 6-8 weeks depending on above mentioned factors. 


Health insurance coverage

The prices of offered treatments for ambulatory oncology care in all Swiss Medical Network clinics are based on TARMED, common fee structure throughout Switzerland as part of compulsory health insurance. The fees are therefore identical to those used in public structures whether patients have basic, private or semi-private insurance.